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ROOM4 is a clothing brand born from a profound love for tailoring and street fashion.

Alex, the founder, focuses on crafting the comfiest baggy you will find on the market, inspired by his background of riding motocross, skateboarding, hip-hop inspiration and his Vietnamese roots.

Each item is meticulously handcrafted in Barcelona with european-made and deadstock fabrics in his tailoring room.

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Alex reached out seeking a digital strategy for his debut exclusive drop.

He struggled with inconsistent skateboarding content on social media, resulting in low engagement. Plus, lacking an online shop, he only relied on physical stores collab and local delivery for sales.

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  • Reach out to a broader audience beyond just skateboarders, focusing on the underground culture.
  • Promote the first collection drop effectively.
  • Design an online store that matches his brand's style and vision.
  • Keep up regular social media posts, with a feed that's both edgy and clean, drawing inspiration from underground and luxury brands.
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First, I laid down the basics for ROOM4's brand. I created a brand bible, outlining its core values, mission, and vision. Then, I dug into research on the target audience and competitors, setting up a funnel to catch users' interest and lead them to make a purchase.

Once the groundwork was set, we refined the drop strategy and tweaked the branding for consistency. We also made some slight adjustments to the logo to better fit the new vision.

Next up was content creation. In a single day, we organized a photoshoot for the lookbook and e-commerce photos, making sure to get plenty of content for social media and the website.

On the social media front, I put together a content calendar, including stuff like prizes and giveaways to keep engagement high. Our main focus is Instagram, without neglecting TikTok and Pinterest.

Lastly, I set up a newsletter on the website to gather emails for future engagement.

But our work isn't done yet ;)

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Alex now has a cool online shop that perfectly matches his brand's style and vibe, and he's been receiving loads of compliments about it.

In just two weeks of consistent posting, we've reached almost 2,000 accounts with our content. This has boosted engagement, increased our followers, and sparked more interest in the brand.

Plus, ROOM4 has already sold out some pieces from its collection.

But it's just the beginning. We know it takes months of consistency to reach even greater heights.

Still on the mission.

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