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Brand & Web Design

Jammint is a versatile tool that allows business owners to easily manage different aspects of their operations through an all-in-one, user-friendly application.

It offers specific solutions called Jams. Each Jam is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of a particular business, combining messaging and management features tailored to that specific activity.

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Ariel, the founder, was in need of help crafting a cool brand for his innovative idea.

He tried to hire designers on Fiverr, but the results were disappointing. The branding lacked quality, and the logo didn't capture the modern essence of the app.

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  • Modern brand design
  • Clean and straightforward website design
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We began by meeting and diving into his vision through a guided interview.

From there, I started crafting the brand. It all revolves around the concept of "Messaging and Management Integrated", which is why I merged the two M's in the logo. I also defined the colour palette, typography, and icons.

After a few tweaks, I provided him with a detailed brand bible and guide. Then, I proceeded to bring his dream of a minimal website design to life.

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Jammint now has a brand new identity (which it truly deserved) and is currently in its BETA testing phase.

Ariel is pitching it to business owners, so I also assisted him with the pitch presentations, ensuring the vision and features are communicated effectively.

The website design hasn't been implemented by Ariel yet.

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